The Top Home Improvements Trends For 2021

     Home renovation trends change each year and with homeowners spending more time at home these days, we are seeing home design trends shift towards usability and comfort. Well-planned home improvements improve liveability and the visual appeal of your property, but they can also turn your home into the work/entertaining space you have always wanted.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the top home improvement trends for the New Year:

Interior Lighting - in 2021, interior lighting will become focal points as decorative elements in the interior design. Homeowners should consider choosing elegant light fixtures with styles that match their interior design. Sculptural floor and table lamps could become points of interest inside the home, and a pair of beautiful wall lights could accentuate any part of the interior. If thoughtfully placed, artful ceiling lights and chandeliers can transform rooms into comfortable sanctuaries where family members can relax.

Exterior Lighting - sustainable energy will be the new focus for outdoor lighting. For patios and outdoor pathways, LEDs offer excellent energy efficiency and easy installations. Solar-powered outdoor lighting should do well for accent lighting, but you may need to use regular electricity for your exterior ambient lighting. Installing siding lights can also highlight nearby paths and the garden area.

Dedicated Home Offices - the coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance of working remotely. After the crisis, it’s possible that people will still work from home more often. Businesses will become more flexible and allow their employees to work from home if they can remain productive. Depending on space availability, home design, and budget, homeowners can repurpose a room or extend the house.

Outdoor Kitchen - following the prolonged lockdown measures, people want to stay outdoors more. An outdoor kitchen enables family members to dine outside more often, while being protected from the pandemic. Other than regular stoves, outdoor kitchens may also use fire pits, fireplaces, or grills. Outdoor kitchens can be as modest or elaborate as you like. An outdoor dining area could make the experience even more entertaining and enjoyable giving family and friends the feeling of dining out at a restaurant or bistro.

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