The Importance Of Interior Lighting In Your Home Design

Lighting is often an overlooked aspect of any home’s interior design. Many home builders and designers select light fixtures as an afterthought, rather than using them as an important focal point. Interior lighting defines the difference between a stylish, inviting home, and one that looks rather dull.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some reasons why lighting is important for your home:

Safety - if your home has poor lighting, it is more likely that you will fall, slip, or trip as you walk along a dark hallway or down a stairwell. Safety can be better assured with a proper lighting installation. Strategically placed light fixtures can eliminate any dark spots inside and outside the house. Proper lighting installation could also improve the security of your house. You can combine motion-activated sensors with the lighting system. If motion is detected, the whole house will be brightly illuminated, and you will be notified through your smartphone. A motion sensor safety mirror can make shaving safer and more efficient.

Functionality - task lighting allows quicker and more efficient completion of your work. It can be pointed towards a certain spot to make you focus better on your work. Task lighting can be up to three times brighter compared to general lighting. Ceiling lights, desk lamps and other task lighting fixtures can make it easier to cook in the kitchen, take a shower, read a book, and do other tasks.

Style - with accent lighting, you can enhance the style of your home’s interior. The edges of furniture, a favourite painting and colour of wall could look better with accent lighting. Unique ceiling lights and stylish floor lamps can provide personality to your indoor space.  

Efficiency - proper lighting goes beyond its safety, functional and aesthetic values. It could also help to reduce energy costs. Light emitting diode (LED) lamps consume less electricity and may last 50 times longer than incandescent lamps. You can find a wide range of stylish, energy efficient LED lighting solutions which are dimmable and colour changing.  

Mood - ambient lighting contributes to a warm ambiance and improved mood. Unattractive and gloomy spaces can have unwanted effects on your mood. Combined with natural light, you can guarantee more cheerful and relaxed spaces which will improve your overall mood.

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