CFL Vs LED Lightbulbs- The Pros And Cons Of Each

The debate has gone on since the creation of the very first LED bulb for home use. Which is better? CFL lightbulbs, or LED lightbulbs. Both types of lightbulb have their own benefits as well as drawbacks which we are going to take a look at now.

CFL Vs LED Lightbulbs Pros And Cons

Pros Of CFL Lightbulbs:

  • Quieter
  • Casts even light
  • Lots of colour options
  • Less expensive
  • Lasts up to 10,000 hours

Cons Of CFL Lightbulbs:

  • Uses more energy
  • Cannot be used in spotlights
  • Cannot be used uncovered outdoors
  • May not work with some dimmer switches
  • Cannot be disposed of in the trash
  • If broken, needs to be contained quickly
  • Contains toxic metals
  • Cannot be turned on and off frequently

Pros Of LED Lightbulbs:

  • Uses less energy
  • Lots of colour options
  • Lasts up to 100,000 hours
  • No restrictions for on/off frequency
  • Works well outdoors
  • Can be used directionally or symmetrically
  • Can be easily disposed of
  • Energy efficient, may help reduce CO2 levels

Cons Of LED Lightbulbs:

  • May buzz when used
  • Some bulbs do not cast even light

How Do They Work?

     Now that we know about the pros and cons of both CFL and LED lightbulbs, we are going to take a look at how each type of bulb works. Traditional lightbulbs work by passing electricity through a filament that glows. CFL and LED lightbulbs, however, work differently.

     LED lightbulbs are solid state lighting bulbs (SSL) which means that they produce light through diodes or semiconductors. These components force the electricity to run in a particular direction, which produces light. If the wrong type of voltage is supplied through your dimmer switch, you might need to replace it when switching to LED bulbs as they will make a buzzing sound.

     CFLs are a fluorescent light, filled with a combination of mercury and argon gas. When electricity passes through them, they emit a type of ultraviolet light. This UV light then interacts with a fluorescent coating on the interior of the bulb and produces visible light. CFL bulbs might not work with some dimmer switches.

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