How to change the bulbs on high hanging chandeliers

There is nothing that makes a grand statement better than an opulent chandelier above your dining table. Regardless of whether that be a traditional candelabra style or a contemporary crystal modern light, the question always comes down to what size and height it should be, or how low it should hang. This same conundrum applies to lights above large kitchen islands, breakfast bars or kitchen peninsular worktops. Large decorative feature lights are often utilised to dress and elevate dining kitchens, which now play a big part of the living rooms and social areas throughout the home and are therefore thoroughly deserving of more lavish lighting.

When lighting such dining spaces, careful thought should be given to the height of the light to avoid glare in the eyes for you and your dinner guests. It’s prudent to consider that the fitting does not obscure the view from one diner to another; as much as you may want your guests to admire your light, it’s no reason to place it directly in front of their faces! Take the time to sit at the table and make sure the light is at least 2.5 feet from the surface of the table or island top. Ideally, it should take up no more than a third of the table’s length and so that your table is not dwarfed in scale, take care that it does not protrude further than the its width. It is often better to utilise two smaller chandeliers than use one that dominates. Large scale is great for adding impact but don’t overdo it, or that you knock the light when rising from the table.