Here’s How To Improve The Lighting In Any Room Of Your Home

With the world still dealing with the fallout of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are spending more time at home than ever before. During lockdown 1 and 2, many used this time to start that DIY project they’ve been meaning to start, fix that section of the home they’ve been putting off for years, or even top the place up with a lick of new paint. As lockdown has now continued into the cold and darker Winter, we think the focus of lockdown 3 should be on lighting! Whether you’re after something eye-catching or practical (or maybe both), lighting is crucial to rooms in the home such as the living room or study. Here are some tips for whatever room you’re looking to spruce up!

Glam up a space with a chandelier

Chandeliers have come a long way from when they first reached popularity. Nowadays, they come in a whole range of sizes, colours and, most importantly, styles. Whether it’s shabby chic or a scandi vibe you’re going for, one of the best things you can do with a chandelier is to opt for a dimmer switch. Whether it’s for lighting or decoration, you have options.

Use lamps in dark corners

Many homes have darling little alcoves or dark corners. Use this time to really see what needs highlighting and play around with lamps that can help illuminate the space. It also goes a long way to make the room feel bigger! You could carve out a cosy reading spot for those rainy days. Check out some floor lamps, they are useful for this purpose.

Make it a focal point

One way to make the lighting in your room a real highlight is to install a lighting sculpture. This is especially good for places with high ceilings. There’s a range of eye-catching pieces out there that have features such as dramatic and angular fixtures. To really elevate the feel, you can match other features in the room such as side tables to the light. We often see these types of light fittings in unusual shapes and in a bold black. They work no matter what colour your wallpaper!

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