The Best Lighting Trends In 2021

     In any modern home, interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of the design process. You can use interior lighting to alter the atmosphere of the home and any modification in lighting will reflect the feel and function of your interior space. Each year, there are new lighting trends to consider and if you are planning to build a new home or renovate an existing one, there are some to watch for in 2021:

Best Lighting Trends In 2021

Soft Gold- in recent years, soft lighting colours are becoming increasingly more popular. A combination of beige and grey was quite common. This year, soft gold is the preferred choice, because it works well for today’s contemporary decors. If you use an overhead lighting fixture, you may try to accentuate the golden hue more. It is possible to use matte silver or grey fixtures to complement soft gold.

Refined Industrial Fixtures- industrial light fixtures usually have an emphasis on metal with neutral colours and rustic finishes. This year, industrial fixtures have alternative designs, more varied tones, and a sleeker appearance. Fixtures with finer details could feel like works of art. For a unique twist, you can add a retro element to industrial lighting, which could blend well in your dining room or modern kitchen.

Art Deco- the art deco style is making a comeback this year and for decades, it has been a go-to favourite for many interior designers. It’s an early century style that can give a nostalgic feeling to your interior. It emphasises an equal balance of art and form, with unique designs and clean lines. Art deco light fixtures are also known for their geometric designs and attractive sharp lines. Although art deco fixtures add strong geometric elements to your space, the 2021 design is more laid back and fun.

More LEDs- it’s a fact that incandescent bulbs are quite wasteful in terms of heat and longevity. For power-saving and sustainability properties, homeowners will replace their lighting with LEDs, which last longer and are much more efficient. Today, LEDs are available in multiple shapes, brightness, and colours, making them easier to use and more fun to create dramatic lighting displays.

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