Popular Lighting Fixture Styles To Use At Home

     Lighting fixtures are one of the most important elements in any home’s interior design. Choosing the right fixture that matches your interior can enhance its visual appeal and give your home a more modern and stylish look. There are many different styles of lighting fixture to choose from which can make choosing the right one for your space challenging.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the popular lighting fixture styles available for your home:

Tripod- tripod floor fixtures give a vintage vibe to your interior, especially if they are made of wood. If you want to usher in an early 20th century vibe, tripod floor lamps are a great addition. With their svelte structure, tripods won’t overpower spaces excessively and they could also work for compact interiors.

Urchin- urchin-shaped light fixtures look unusual and they can be a strong statement maker. Table lamps, ceiling flush fixtures, and chandeliers often have an urchin design. Choose a variation of an urchin fixture that complements your current interior design. In a room with high ceilings, the spiky silhouette will draw attention. For a home with an understated interior, this fixture can add a touch of drama. Because an urchin fixture itself is already a statement piece, avoid using it in a room with multiple other statement pieces to avoid a cluttered or ‘busy’ look.

Cantilever- cantilever lamps are great bed and desk companions. They are fully adjustable, with angular, sleek designs and they make it easy to direct light wherever it’s needed. For an antique mood, use an aged brass appearance and for a polished style, choose high-shine steel cantilevers. These fixtures are also ideal as adjustable spot lighting.

Candlestick- ornate candlestick chandeliers are suitable for homes with classic interior designs. However, homes with a more modern interior may use slim candlestick fixtures made of shiny stainless steel. As a decorative piece, candlestick fixtures are great for a dining room, hallway, or living room.

Sculptural- sculptural fixtures have the appearance of modern art forms, which will give your interior an artistic identity. Unlike other fixture styles, sculptural designs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes – from symmetrical profiles to irregular structures.

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