• How to change the bulbs on high hanging chandeliers

    When lighting such dining spaces, careful thought should be given to the height of the light to avoid glare in the eyes for you and your dinner guests. It’s prudent to consider that the fitting does not obscure the view from one diner to another
  • How do you clean Crystal Chandeliers

    The way the Crystal Chandelier sparkles in the light looks great and you want to keep it that way , but you probably don’t love the cobwebs and grime that collect on all the tiny pieces over time, so regular cleaning is advised. But how do you clean Chandeliers safely? Read on as we explain it all on
  • Home Lighting Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Home lighting isn’t just part of your décor here at but serves a functional element too. It can set a room’s ambience and make it easier to use the space efficiently. That’s why it’s vital for you as a homeowner to put just as much thought into your lighting scheme as you do into furniture and color schemes.